Tips-For-Winning-Your-Frizz-Fight-The-Natural-Way-Strictly-Styles-San-Jose-CAWe are in the thick of summer, and unfortunately, so is our hair. While your skin may love the warm temperatures and salty water, your hair may be telling a different story. If frizzy locks have you fussing with your hair all day, look no further. There are steps you can take to tame your frizz without harsh chemicals and endless visits to the beauty store. Use this guide to answer some of your most pressing frizz maintenance questions, for both weaves and natural hair.

What products should I use?
Many hair salons will have recommendations for natural frizz taming oils and serums, so be sure to ask your hair stylist for more gentle options. You should try to find a sulfate-free shampoo to start, and one that is higher in glycerin. You may also consider stocking up on natural oils to brush through your hair. And of course, take advantage of your hair’s own oils as well. The right products will nourish your hair rather than damage it. If you wear a weave, your stylist may recommend different products than if you wear your natural hair, since texture may vary.

What are some hair care best practices?
Your hair products will only go so far if you don’t care for your hair and scalp in the first place. One of the best ways to prevent excess summertime frizz is to be careful with heat products. If you choose to blow dry your hair, let it dry the majority of the way first. To tame your hair in a pinch, get in the habit of having serum and other products in your purse when you’re out and about. And overall, try to only shampoo your hair a couple of times per week. This will prevent over-drying.

By forming the simple natural hair care habits above, you can begin fighting frizz today. But remember, everyone’s hair is different, so it might take some trial and error to figure out what works for you. Since all hair salons will have their own recommendations, talk in-depth with your stylist about how you can develop the best possible hair care routine. The average woman tries out 104 hair styles in her lifetime, so you may need to adjust your care routine with each one. By being patient and trying different techniques, you will eventually find maximum style with minimal frizz.