The Weave Mistakes That Coauld Be Ruining Your Style

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The Weave Mistakes That Coauld Be Ruining Your Style

The-Weave-Mistakes-That-Coauld-Be-Ruining-Your-Style-Strictly-Styles-San-Jose-CAYour hair is central to your self-expression, and hairpieces allow you to switch it up. This is why six out of 10 black consumers wear a wig, extensions, and perhaps most commonly, weaves. Weaves offer effortless style and can be fun to experiment with. But even if you have been wearing a weave for years, you might be making some style mistakes. To clean up your hair act and achieve your best look, avoid these weave mistakes.

  1. You buy the cheapest weaves.
    When hair is cheap, it will likely look cheap. Quality hairpieces are generally an investment, and you should work with your stylist to find the right one. By wearing the right weave, your hair will look as healthy as possible.
  2. You DIY your weave.
    Even the best hair gurus should avoid putting in their own weaves. It’s critical to go to a salon and let a professional do it. The same rules apply to natural hair and weaves, as stylists are the experts.
  3. You don’t know what you’re looking for.
    When you visit your stylist, it’s important to know what style you want to achieve. This way, the two of you can work together to create this look. If you aren’t sure, flip through a magazine or look online to get some ideas.
  4. You skip washing your weave.
    Remember that your natural hair is under your weave, so you still need to take care of it. Most stylists recommend washing your hair once per week, but talk to your stylist about what method is best for you. By washing appropriating and taking other care methods, you can keep both your natural hair and weaves healthy.
  5. You keep your weave in too long.
    You can generally wear your weaves for up to eight weeks, so be sure not to wear it longer than your stylist tells you to. This will let your scalp breath and prevent hair breakage.

Remember: While the internet is flooded with information on weave and natural hair care, your stylist should be your first information source. They will give you products and advice to take care of your hair and keep it shining. As long as you follow their instructions, your weave will look gorgeous the entire time you wear it.

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