Types of Protective Styles are :

Crochet Braids– The base is braided down flat and then add in hair made spacificly for crochet braids,then style.

Box Braids– Individual braids platted all over.

Corn rows–  flat braids going back

Weave– base braided flat, sew-in hair extension, cut, and style.​

Quick weaves– lots of people think that quick weave arent good for you because of the glue. But at Strictly Stylyes Salon we offer a method of application. It can protect all of your natural hair. We braid the base of your hair, put a stocking cap on top of the braids and a solution on the cap that prevents any bonding glue from seeping through. Once the hair is protected then apply the hair extentions with glue on it. Cut and style.

flexirods / permrod sets. These roller sets allow you to have a natural style for up to to weeks with out having to do alot to your hair. At night you  tie your hair up in a bonnet and wake up ready to go.

We have lots of natural hair clients at our salon and they want to know how to take care of their natural hair ? I always stress how important it is to deep condition or to add moisturising treatments to your hair. Hot oil treatments are a must as well , with the oil you like the most. Trim your hair once a quater for the best results. Even when your hair is in a protective style, still add oil daily to prevent the ends from feeling dry.

Lots of Naturalista’s love protective styles , this a way to grow your hair out under a style that is braided up or put away . By not having to do alot with your natural hair it allows time for your hair to grow in a healthy and natural way. To try some of our protective styles call 408-977-0854 or book online @https://www.vagaro.com/strictlystylessalon/