the best hairstyle tips for every face shape strictly stylesStudies show that most women change hairstyles pretty often. Almost one-third of women get a new hairdo following a break-up or divorce while 44% change their hair simply because they are bored. Ultimately, women have an average of 104 different hairstyles during their lifetime.

But change isn’t always for the better. Some people rock certain styles better than others, and this has a lot to do with basic geometry. Depending on your face shape, you might be more suited for a short hairstyle or a long hairstyle, curly or straight. The shape of your face and your bone structure can help determine which hairstyle is most attractive on you. If you’re not sure, quality hair salons employ professional cosmetologists who can help you identify and achieve your best hairstyle.

Round face
See: Mila Kunis
Long straight hair is always flattering on a round face because it creates the illusion of slimming and lengthening the face. Straight styles also don’t add body to the sides of the face. Parting the hair in the center and keeping length below the shoulders help to create a smooth curtain effect.

Square face
See: Keira Knightley
Long bobs look great on a square face, but only if they are soft and layered and extend past the chin. The long bob elongates a square face, which can be very boxy and angular.

Oval face
See: Anne Hathaway
Not everyone can pull off a pixie cut, but women with oval faces can. Other celebrities with oval faces who look amazing in pixie cuts include Audry Hepburn, Nathalie Portman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan, and Halle Berry.

Long face
See: Adrianne Palicki
The most flattering haircut on a long face is shoulder-length. The goal is to create width and the best way to do this is with waves. Bangs will also make the face appear shorter because they can cover up a large forehead. Women with longer faces should avoid long, straight hair.

Heart-shaped face
See: Reese Witherspoon
Side-swept bangs are essential for a heart-shaped face. Women with this face shape tend to have wider foreheads; side-swept bangs will draw attention down towards the eyes.

If you still aren’t sure which hairstyle is best for you, consult an experienced professional at a hair salon. You may be surprised at what they recommend!